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Vaping Products Guide

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Stop Smoking: Vaping is the New Habit in Town



There are two different types of cigarettes. The most common type of cigarette that we have is the real cigarette but recently artificial cigarette or the e-cigarette has been making headlines. Vaping is another recent member of the ever growing industry of artificial cigarette. This new trend is very popular among many individuals but especially those who are in their early 20's. There are individuals especially non-users who believe that this vaping thing is stupid.


The vaping devices have nicotine so those that are against this are saying that those individuals who are vaping should just buy nicotine insecticide and lick the lid since it will be cheaper. You might immediately die from licking the lid but it is better than poisoning yourself slowly with vaping.


Some use Propylene Glycol or Vegetable Glycerin Liquid as a substitute for liquid nicotine because there are places that does not permit the use of liquid nicotine.  Inflammation of the mouth or throat, nausea and vomiting, and coughing are some of the effects of vaping but no other more serious effects could be observed.


We are too laid back but what we must do is research and think about the past. In the early fifties and sixties smoking was not considered bad because it was believed that this could be good for the lung health. In the early seventies scientist discovered that it causes stress and eventually it could lead to cancer. It took several years before the medical community and the government to accept these facts. These facts were delivered to the masses however there are still those who continued despite the information they were give.


This part of the history teaches us that since Vaping is still very new, the facts about it are still uncertain. It is a known fact that it causes the mild problems which was mentioned before but with what we know about smoking in general just point out that there could be other effect of Vaping that are yet to be discovered and who know if they will be mild or serious.


The possibility of addiction to Ecigarettes are lower compared to the real cigarettes and with the facts that we currently have artificial cigarettes are safer.


There are still many things that you could do instead of smoking chemicals that have adverse effects to your health.


Vaping devices and Vape supplies are also made in China and if you think about it this country might not be a great source for chemicals.


The choice of smoking at the end of the day lies on the individual.